Self-Improvement and self-coaching begins with an intense desire to change yourself and your present conditions into what you ideally want!

The Achievement Webinar 

This live webinar takes you on an crucial and realistic inner journey to explore YOUR two important options in life…success or survival. If you choose success, you will learn how to create a purpose driven and systematic process for determining and achieving a healthy, happy and prosperous future.

3 weekends and 10 weeks of Optional personal one-on-one coaching

What's in it for you?
  • Define, Align and combine  - set realistic SMART GOALS
  • Create a solid, practical and detailed 10 year personal strategic plan that is perfect for you
  • Enlarge your vision and retrain your brain so that you are healthy, happy and prosperous because anything is possible more now than any other time in history 
  • Engage with positive people and attract good things into your life 
  • Master your ability for self-discipline, self-control, self-motivation and self-esteem. Let go of dependencies, neediness, addictions and the negative 
  • Increase your confidence, begin to believe in yourself, decide what you want and get all the encouragement you need and want 
  • Take focused steps and prepare yourself daily for success 


Tuition $395 USD

Refresh Tuition $100 USD

Place payment through Paypal. Upon submission you will receive a confirmation along with a receipt of your purchase to bring with you.

The Relationship Seminar

Love is the recognition of our sameness, our connection and our oneness.

The Relationship Seminar is an amazing two-day seminar that begins with an in-depth examination of you and your love relationship.

You and your partner will interact with the facilitator and staff as information is presented and you participate in experiential exercises.

You will learn proven secrets about how to create or repair an amazing love relationship and how to make it stay alive, loving and exciting.

In this program, you'll acquire a wealth of practical techniques that years of marriage counseling can never teach you. You’ll learn to face the truth of your present situation, including how to reconnect with your mate.

You’ll learn real-life, tangible ways to renew, enhance and maintain an amazing marriage or partnership. You will learn from your own past and be inspired through other’s experiences. Ultimately, you’ll learn how to empower your relationship and form a deep, active and abiding love.

You will learn:

  • how to communicate without creating conflict with your partner
  • the four elements that every love relationship must have to survive
  • what you ideally want in a partner and how you ideally want to be as a partner
  • the secret to empathetic listening that will transform the quality of your relationship
  • You will also participate in specific experiential exercises designed to give you clarity in your love relationship and attainment of your common goals.

While sessions are intended to be frank and open, they are not about confession or confrontation. Instead, under the guidance of the facilitators, you are safe to explore the truth — to freely examine your thoughts, feelings, fears and frustrations, perhaps for the first time ever. It’s a powerful experience — fast-track, real-world, open and honest marriage enrichment — that will change your relationship forever.

By listening, questioning and sharing, we help you dig down to a deeper understanding of your spouse, your relationship, and yourself. You’ll find out what is working and not working and learn how to make a lasting change.

The Relationships Seminar is an experiential process, which means active participation. There is some lecture; the bulk of the work is done with your partner and some gender specific groups. You will do a significant amount of work with your mate.

Each participant is required to look at themselves and the power they have to either contribute to or contaminate their relationship.

The following are some of the issues you can also address:

  • The "real" differences between men and women
  • How to disagree without fighting
  • Creating and sustaining intimacy
  • Communication skills which allow both parties to be heard
  • Identifying behaviors that sabotage relationships
  • Meeting each other’s needs
  • Communicating from the heart
You should only attend if you want to:
  • fall in love again with your partner
  • learn to listen and share your feelings
  • feel appreciated
  • let go of rage and gain self-control
  • gain more understanding and less criticism
  • be treated with dignity and respect
  • feel loved and revive passion
  • accept your and your partners body
  • stop being compared to others
  • become desired by your partner
  • learn to be honest with your mate
  • learn how to give emotional support
  • stop feeling judged and rejected
  • feel compassion and consideration
  • look forward to being with your mate
  • stop feeling suspicious of your mate
  • feel needed, wanted and cared for
  • stop feelings of jealousy and mistrust
  • get beyond petty issues
  • get back to feeling in love
  • improve your sex life
  • improve your relationship beyond your imagination

The Relationship Seminar Tuition

Couples $250 USD
Single $150 USD

Session Times 9 AM – 5 PM

1 hour lunch break
Accommodations & meals not included
On-line registration is required to reserve a space which is non-refundable and transferable.

The Confidence Seminar

The Confidence Seminar is the next step after the Achievement Seminar. It's a 3-day intensive program that begins and ends with a candid examination of you. It's designed for you to get beyond annoying barriers that still hold you back from being independently self-confident, proactive, organized and productive.

You will interact with the facilitator and staff with challenging questions and stimulating processes that get to the core of your real issues.

This seminar is dedicated to you getting 100% passionate, committed and obsessed about creating your amazing life.

The aim of this workshop is for you to get beyond all of your inner barriers and solve your major problems in an intense and supportive environment.

Everyone has problems yet most people avoid the actual root of their problems. Your willingness to command your inner dialog is not only the most difficult challenge you will ever encounter, it is the most beneficial.

The Building Confidence seminar is an experiential process which means 100% active participation is required. Once you begin, there is no quitting.

You should only attend if you want:
  • True Confidence
  • Unwavering Self-Control
  • Sustained Self-Discipline
  • Precise Personal Organization
  • Childlike Energy and Excitement
  • Meticulous Time Management
If you want to once and for all realize your true potential, take control of your life and become Obsessed about your goals, attend this seminar.

If you are serious about finding real life solutions to break bad habits, get free from old issues and challenge yourself to create high self-esteem, high energy and passion to take charge of your future, attend this seminar.

If you are looking for relentless support, we are waiting for you.

Tuition $500
Session Times 8:30pm – 7pm
2 hour lunch breaks
Accommodations & meals not included
On-line registration is required to reserve a space which is non-refundable and transferable